And God Created Zombies

"a horror, a mystery and an existential exploration all rolled into one"

- Sarah Pinborough











"And God Created Zombies" is a stand-alone novella published by NewCon Press on 19th September 2009.

The book is available as a signed limited hardback (£18.99) and as a paperback (£9.99). The hardback will be signed by myself, the artist (Dean Harkness), and Sarah Pinborough who provides the introduction.

As of March 2017 it is also available as an audio book here through Audible.

Back cover blurb:

"John Baker’s life keeps going from bad to worse. Against a background of global recession and financial meltdown, first he loses his job and then he loses his girlfriend…

Oh, and then, of course, there are the zombies…"

Here are some sample reviews:

"It was a hoot. Proper Romero shuffling zombies, conforming to all the delicious
stereotypes... amusing, a little surprising,
a little philosophical and very entertaining"
- Adele Waring, Unbound

"Hook uses the solipsistic vibe of slipstream brilliantly to make unlikely behaviour smell of the truth. The story is completely coherent. It clicks together like a beautifully designed machine, and gives a non-military but fully rational explanation for the appearance of a plague of mindless animated corpses obsessed with eating human flesh. The co-incidences of fiction become, in this book, part of the story itself. Hook is so perceptive about the slipstream form – its self-awareness, self-obsession, its honest projection of inadequacies and desires -- that the book is almost a critique of its own genre" - Mark Harding, Vector

"A convincing picture of a society that is both collapsing internally and at the same time going about business as usual, which those who see the current vogue for apocalyptic fiction as a commentary on modern times may find especially telling...the ride was a hell of a lot of fun while it lasted" - Pete Tennant, Black Static

"Enjoyed the existential zombie novel immensely. It was very zombie and
very existential"
- Geoffrey Maloney

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And God Created Zombies

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