"punkPunk!" is an anthology I've edited for DogHorn Publishing of stories inspired by punk. It was published in January 2015.

Back cover blurb:

Let me tell you about punk music, about what it meant to us. Or to me, at least. It wasn’t about anarchy - we weren’t anarchists, you have to study to be an anarchist. It was simpler than that: for the first time, or at least the first time for white kids since skiffle, pop music became something you could do instead of just something you consumed.

From Mat Coward’s You Can Jump.

This eclectic mix of stories shows punk is not simply a static component of history, but a process of evolution and revolution which extends from the heady days of 1976 right into the now. Are you ready to jump into contemporary punk-inspired fiction? It’s not a nostalgia trip.

The book contains stories by the following authors: Joe Briggs, Gio Clairval, Gary Couzens, Mat Coward, Sarah Crabtree, Adam Craig, Richard Dellar, Terry Grimwood, Andrew Hook, Alexei Kalinchuk, P.A.Levy, Richard Mosses, Douglas J. Ogurek, Stephen Palmer, Jude Orlando Enjolras, Mark Slade, L A Sykes and Douglas Thompson.

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