Ponthe Oldenguine

"a time-slip yarn that reads a bit like the ghost of Spike Milligan rummaging through the BBC archives with Paul Auster"

- Mark Williams, Sleepless Knights












"Ponthe Oldenguine" is 'an entertainment' that was published September 2010 by Atomic Fez.

The blurb as follows:

If you want a picture of the future, Trunka, imagine a boot stamping on a cake - forever. Imagine just how glorious that would be.

“Ponthe Oldenguine” is one part biography of a former television impresario who claims he’s been hounded out of media history, and one part biography of the journalist commissioned to write his story. Where the tales merge, there is madness.

Comic, curious, sometimes downright outrageous, “Ponthe Oldenguine” is a brain-trip through the forgotten archives of the BBC: Captain Crowface, Radio Cardboard Fox, and The Town of Theberton are but a few of the seminal programmes once confined to the rubbish bin and now exhumed for your reading pleasure.

Part 1984, part Python, part slipstream, part realism, the life of Ponthe Oldenguine is an audacious attempt to restore the balance between sanity and insanity; illustrating what a thin line that can be.

So, place your snout in the air, your hands on your tummy, and dance. But read it and believe it at your peril.


Here are some sample reviews:

"Reading Ponthe Oldenguine is a deeply unsettling experience, one that left me feeling as though I had fallen off the edge of reality. We are confronted with the ridiculous every day. Andrew Hook simply asks, 'What would happen if it were all true?'" - Marcy, Goodreads

"We live in surreal times, and Hook is their chronicler. Hook doesn’t set a foot wrong with the writing, his voice charming the reader so that we accept the audacity of his invention, the way in which it continually fools not only us but also itself. It is his best book yet, and I loved it" - Pete Tennant, Black Static

"If you have never picked up a piece of metafiction, this is a great place to start! Andrew Hook tells a wonderful story where the lines of fiction and reality seem to blur together and form something uniquely fantastic. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes strange tales, metafiction, or just wonderfully written stories that pull you into another world. I can’t say enough about how much I enjoyed this brilliant piece" - Sarah L Covert, She Never Slept

"Ponthe Oldenguine" was short-listed for the 2011 British Fantasy Society award for best novella.


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