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"The Girl With The Horizontal Walk" is a single story chapbook which published on 1st June 2019 by SalÚ Press. The date would have been Marilyn Monroe's 93rd birthday.

Back cover blurb:

The heart weighs 300 grams.

As Marilyn Monroe’s body lies in the morgue, fragments of an unfinished movie coalesce in a swansong of remnants, gossip, memories, doppelgangers and subterfuge.

A wry post-mortem of celebrity, identity, objectification, artifice and reality. The more times I read it, the more I see. The more I think about it, the more Marilyn Monroe converges. - Priya Sharma, author of All The Fabulous Beasts

The Girl With The Horizontal Walk is Marilyn Monroe reimagined and reimagined again, vividly portrayed even as she’s deconstructed. Andrew Hook doesn’t so much tell a story here as pull you into one, taking what you think you know and giving it back to you transformed. I loved it. - Ray Cluley, author of Probably Monsters

This story is one of a series of ‘celebrity death’ stories from the anthology “Candescent Blooms” which is currently seeking a publisher. Buy it here.




More details to follow near publication.



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