The Immortalists

"an excellent writer and stylist, reminding me of Raymond Chandler, Malcolm Pryce and Jasper Fforde. Suitably creepy and sometimes laugh out loud funny"

- Emlyn Rees, author of That Summer He Died











"The Immortalists" is my second novel and was published by Telos Moonrise in March 2014 as both an e-book and paperback. Cover art is by Iain Robertson.

"The Immortalists" leans heavy into pulp noir and features my irascible PI, Mordent, who emerged in the story "Alsiso" in 2004 and has made several appearances in anthologies and magazines since, such as "Crimespree", "Needle Magazine", and "New Writings In The Fantastic".

The cover blurb is as follows:

Ex-cop, Mordent, is an irascible, anachronistic PI with a noir sensibility, and a bubblewrap fetish. Hired to investigate a missing person case he believes the job to be an easy pay-check, but when the kid turns up dead and
appears to have aged beyond death Mordent finds the mystery is only just beginning.

When a second body is found similarly aged, Mordent is pulled into rival gang leaders' quests for immortality, a race where the objective is not to finish. And it becomes personal when Marina, a psychic, disappears after tipping off the police about the second body. Mordent had unfinished business with her.

"The Immortalists" is the first in a series of exciting crime novels putting a neo-noir twist on the genre conventions of bums and dames, corruption and perversion, cops and informers, played out on rain-soaked streets amid a
shadow-filled city.

This title is now out of print, but I do have some copies which I can sell direct. Just message me for details

From Peter Tennant's review in Black Static:

The interplay between Mordent and the other characters, all of whom are convincingly drawn, is a delight to read, as is the prose throughout with its hard boiled sensibilities, short sentences that cut like diamond on glass and metaphors as apposite as they are off kilter.

A wonderful novel – Mark Bond-Webster, Future Radio


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