The Happy Finish

"The interplay between Mordent and the other characters, all of whom
are convincingly drawn, is a delight to read

- Peter Tennant












"The Happy Finish" is the fourth in my series of novels featuring irascible PI, Mordent, who sees the world through noir-tinted glasses and has a bubblewrap fetish.The book was published by Head Shot Press in November 2021.

The cover blurb is as follows:

Ex-cop, Mordent, is an irascible, anachronistic PI with a noir sensibility and a bubblewrap fetish. When he is contacted by Benedict Holmsworth to investigate the death of a family member – seemingly of natural causes – he is drawn into the world of The Fear Institute, an organization that seeks to
eliminate terror through exposing its clients to it.

Meanwhile, Mordent’s past has begun to catch up with him. Not only are murders involving bubblewrap stacking up and
suggesting his involvement, but he receives a communication from a mysterious woman claiming to be his daughter. To solve the case Mordent is forced to re-examine previous relationships and deal with some uncomfortable truths, in a trail which takes him from the graveyard to taxidermy and back again. But who can you trust when there’s so much to fear?

The Happy Finish is the final book in a series of exciting novels putting a neo-noir twist on the crime novel in addition to a healthy dose of black humour.



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