The Greens

"An evocative, emotional read"

- Kaaron Warren












"The Greens" is a contemporary fantasy thriller, fusing myth, legend, obsessive-compulsive disorders, conspiracies and alien technology which was published by Snowbooks in September 2016.

In Medieval England two green-skinned children claim to have come from within Earth. Legend states that they bore no descendents. Is the legend true?

Rituals are often perpetuated by OCD sufferers because they believe to do so protects their loved ones. What if this assumption were correct? And how many OCD sufferers might be possible descendents of the Greens...?

The Greens is a modern fantasy/horror novella which explores these two possibilities, weaving a tale across past and future, determining the course of the human race.

The Greens is a vivid exploration of how the past affects the present. Andrew Hook provides an evocative, emotional read, with a final scene that will stay with you for a long time - Kaaron Warren, Aurealis award winning author


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