Full Circle

"Andrew Hook is a wonderfully original writer"

- Graham Joyce










"Full Circle" is a novel that is currently seeking a publisher.

The rough synopsis is as follows:


Full Circle is a darkly contemplative, mainstream literary novel. The plot is four-stranded and split into rotating North/East/South/West sections with one character in each section connected to at least one in the other. The main theme is the absence of love, and the nature of obsession, perception and coincidence. Full Circle is 100,000 words in length.


Location: Unspecified city in the North of England.

Main character: Luke DeLuc – a disturbed loner obsessed with Hollywood musicals and the effects of sleep deprivation who becomes fixated with an older female neighbour.

Main thread: Luke is a stalker and potential killer.


Location: Budapest, Hungary.

Main character: Vilmos Barna – a young male student who lost his first girlfriend to suicide, and feels complicit in her demise. He has recently fallen in love with Kim Goables, his English teacher.

Main thread: Vilmos and his hedonistic friend Sandor discuss the nature of love and lust, against the backdrop of Vilmos’s previous and current relationship. When Kim leaves Hungary, Vilmos follows.


Location: Unspecified city in the South of England.

Main character: Pamela Caynes – recently widowed in her fifties. The knowledge that her husband was not wearing his wedding ring when he died in a car accident haunts her.

Main thread: Her obsession with discovering whether her husband was intending to be unfaithful leads her to a surprising discovery.


Location: Lima, Peru.

Main character: Jim Caynes – a romantic naïve virtuous young man arrives in Peru in the hope that he might meet with a girl he has only seen in a photograph.

Main thread: Jim’s rollercoaster relationship with Legs Akimbo yields some surprising revelations, confounding his idea of love.


In the final section of the novel the four main characters converge amid shock, disappointment, and death.


Any publishers who happen to be browsing who would be interested in looking at the typescript please contact me at



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