Secondhand Daylight

With Eugen Bacon













"Secondhand Daylight" is a collaborative SF novel written with Eugen Bacon which was published by Cosmic Egg Books on 27th October 2023).

The pitch is as follows:

Something's happening to Green, and he's leaping forward to the future, unable to control it. His panic grows at the acceleration of his time jumps, each destabilising his present, harming his relationships, threatening his future. Zada is a scientist in the future who wants to know how Green is travelling at such pace from the past. She might be the only hope to save him from jumping to infinity.

Their point of intersection is fleeting, but - to each - memorable. Each one's travel will affect the other's past or future. And one of them doesn't even know it.

It can be viewed by clicking on the above publisher link.





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