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Welcome to my website.

I am a writer of slipstream fiction - the genre that bends the others - specialising in the short form. I have had over 130 stories published, plus several short story collections. One novella. One entertainment. And two novels.

This website will give you a comprehensive view of my fiction to date.

New additions to the site will be listed on this home page as and when they happen. For the moment, this is the newest news:

December 2016

My fifth short story collection, "Human Maps", has been published by Eibonvale Press.

I've sold one original short story, "Sarcoline", and two reprints ("Blood For Your Mother" and "Vole Mountain") to Great Jones Street - these are published immediately on their App. And another short story, "Clusterfuck", has been sold to Ambit.

November 2016

Two new short stories written: "The Easy Flirtations" and "Sarcoline".

I've also sold a short story, "Making Friends With Fold-Out Flaps" to an anthology I'm not currently allowed to mention.

October 2016

I've been working on a personal appraisal of Luis Bunuel's "The Exterminating Angel" which will be published by RoosterVision (part of Rooster Republic Press) in 2017.

September 2016

Lots published this month, including my novella, "The Greens", from Snowbooks. Also short stories: "A Life In Plastic" (Dark In The Day anthology, Immannion Press, "White Matter" (Ghost Highway anthology, Midnight Street Press), "Blanche" (Something Remains anthology, Alchemy Press), and "The Marble Orchard" (Ten Tall Tales, NewCon Press).

August 2016

Two new short stories written: "Fantôme" and "The Six Cloud Thousand".

July 2016

My short story collection, Slow Motion Wars, co-written with Allen Ashley has just been published and is now available to order here.

I can also confirm my short story, "Blanche", which was based on notes by the late Joel Lane, will be included in the anthology, "Something Remains", by Alchemy Press where every contribution has been created from Joel's unfinished story notes.

My short story, "Beyond Each Blue Horizon", has been reprinted in the anti-hate zine, Do Something.

June 2016

Two new short stories written: "The Jayne Mansfield Nuclear Project" and "Tokyo In Rain".

And I've sold three short stories: "White Matter" will appear in the anthology Ghost Highway, "A Life In Plastic" is being reprinted in Dark In The Day (edited by Storm Constantine), and "The Marble Orchard" has been accepted for an anthology which I am at yet not allowed to announce.

May 2016

My short story, "The Day My Heart Stood Still", has been published in Postscripts #36/37.

April 2016

Two books due to be published this year have swapped publishers. I'm delighted to announce that my short story collection, Slow Motion Wars, written with Allen Ashley will now appear from theEXAGGERATEDpress in the summer, and my novella, The Greens, will be published by Snowbooks this autumn.

March 2016

My short story, "Sömntuta", has been published in Lighthouse magazine, and an article, "Writing The Short Story: Character, Scene, Conflict", has appeared in the BSFA magazine, Focus.

And I've written a new short story, "The Marble Orchard".

January 2016

I've sold two stories: "The Al Pacino Appreciation Society" to Crimewave, and "Sömntuta" to Lighthouse Magazine.

New stories written: "White Matter", "Blanche", "The Girl With The Horizontal Walk","A Pageant Of Clouds" and "The Smell Of Petroleum."

November 2015

My short story, "The First You & I", has been published in Skylark Review.

October 2015

Short stories published this month: "Old Factory Memories" online at Axolotl, "The Nomenclature of Fear" as an In Short chapbook (more info here), "The Aniseed Gumball Kid" in Postscripts #34/35, "Us!" in Creeping Crawlers, and "Vulvert" in Confingo.

And one new story written: "Mysteries of Childhood Explained".

September 2015

My short story, "The First You & I", has been accepted for publication in Skylark Review.

Published this month: "Blood For Your Mother" (Black Static #48) and "Tiny Iris" (Slave Stories: Scenes From The Slave State).

August 2015

My short story, "Old Factory Memories", has been accepted for publication in Axolotl magazine.

And the first Salò Press publication, Actual Cloud by Dalton Day, is now available to order!

July 2015

I've written two new short stories: "Silent Bridge" and "Uncanny Valley". My short story, "Drowning In Air", has been reprinted in Best British Horror 2015 (Salt Publishing).

And my short story, "The Nomemclature Of Fear", has been accepted for publication as a standalone chapbook by In Short Publishing.

June 2015

My short story, "Bothersome", has been published in the anthology Darkest Minds.

I've written part of a novella titled "The Uneasy" for which my partner is writing the obverse. I've also written a short story, "The First You & I".

May 2015

My second crime novel, "Church of Wire", has now been published by Telos. Details here.

A short story, "A Life In Plastic", has been published in Strange Tales V. And there's an comphrensive interview with me over at Speculative Treasury.

I've also sold my short story, "Vulvert", to Confingo.

April 2015

My short story, "Us!", has been accepted for publication by the anthology, Creeping Crawlers (Shadow Publishing).

New short stories written: "Shipwrecked In The Heart Of The City", "We Die When We're Alone", "Wanderlust" and "Old Factory Memories".

And my short story, "The Stench Of Winter", has been published online in Shirley magazine. Read it here.

March 2015

I've sold the short stories "Blood For Your Mother" to Black Static and "Cold Water Killer" to Spark: A Creative Anthology.

New short stories written: "Where Do Broken Dreams Go?", "My Somnambulant Heart" and "Us!".

punkPunk!, the anthology of punk-inspired stories that I edited has been published and it also contains my story, "The Last Mohican". Other stories published this month include "The Frequency Of Existence" in Black Static #45 and "You Can't Handle Love" in Fur-Lined Ghettos #6.

And my article, "Unconscious Consumer: X-Ray Spex and the Day-Glo World", can be read in The Restless Consumer edition of Sein und Werden.

February 2015

New short story written: "Tiny Iris" and I've immediately sold it to an anthology edited by Chris Kelso to be titled "Welcome To The Slave State".

My short story, "Eskimo", has been published in Postscripts #32/33.

January 2015

I can now reveal the cover design for punkPunk!.

Also, together with my partner, Sophie, we have set up a new press to publish surrealist anthologies and poetry collections. More details over at salÚ press. She is also including my short story, "You Can't Handle Love", in the next issue of Fur-Lined Ghettos magazine.

And I've just sold a novella, "The Greens", to Spectral Press for publication in 2016.

December 2014

My short story, "Shoot For The Moon", has been published in Monomyth #56. And I finished the first draft of my fourth Mordent novel, "The Happy Finish".

November 2014

I have had three stories published this month: "Burning Daylight" in Confingo #2, "Black Lung" in Black Static #43 and "Soapsud Galaxies" in Jupiter #46. I was a guest at Horror In The East.

Also: I can now reveal the cover for my second neo-noir novel, "Church Of Wire", to be published by Telos next year. View it here.

October 2014

My short story "The Opaque District" has been published in Horror Uncut. And another story, "The Frequency of Existence", has been sold to Black Static.

Reprint: "Your Golden Hands", previously published in PostScripts, will appear in the World Fantasy publication "Unconventional Fantasy, A Celebration of Forty Years of the World Fantasy Convention".

I've also written a new short story, "You Can't Handle Love".

September 2014

Sold the short stories, "Black Lung", to Black Static, and "The Day My Heart Stood Still" to PostScripts. And there's a new interview with me here.

I've begun writing a new Mordent novel, "The Happy Finish".

August 2014

My short story, "Beyond The Island Of The Dolls", has been published in Postscripts to Darkness Volume 5. And another story, "Periscope", has been published online at Perihelion SF.

Three new short stories written: "The Steam Room", "The Day My Heart Stood Still", and "Clusterfuck".

July 2014

I've sold my short story, "Burning Daylight", to Confingo magazine. And "Flytrap" has now been published in Interzone.

June 2014

I have a bookstore signing for my novel, "The Immortalists", at Diss Publishing Bookshop on 21st June from 10:30 onwards. Please come along.

Three new short stories written: "Vulvert", "Black Lung" and "Sömntuta". And three sold: "Soapsud Galaxies" to Jupiter SF, "Periscope" to Perihelion and "The Plasticity of Identity" to an anthology I am yet able to name. An article, "Under The Influence", has also appeared in the Crime Writers Association magazine, Red Herrings.

I've uploaded my older short story collections to Kindle for only £1.83 each. Here's The Virtual Menagerie and here's Beyond Each Blue Horizon.

May 2014

My short story, "Softwood", has been published in the NewCon Press anthology, "La Femme". And I've written two new short stories, "The Unthinking Tyranny Of History" and "The Plasticity Of Identity".

I was interviewed on Future Radio about my novel, "The Immortalists". A link to the podcast will appear here shortly.

April 2014

My short story, "The Abduction Of Europe", has been accepted for publication in an anthology I cannot yet name, and my story "Flytrap" has been accepted for Interzone. I've written a new short story, "The Call Of The Void".

And my short story collection, "Human Maps", has been accepted for publication by Eibonvale Press. Information added to the books page here.

March 2014

My neo-noir crime novel, "The Immortalists", is now available from Telos Publishing as an e-book and paperback. Click on these links to purchase the e-book: Kindle UK, Kindle USA, and Barnes and Noble (Nook). Amazon Kindle links to the paperback from the e-book.

February 2014

I can now reveal the cover for my neo-noir crime novel, "The Immortalists", coming from Telos next month. Take a look here.

I've sold a short story, "Bothersome", to an anthology I cannot yet name. Also I've handed in the anthology I've edited, "punkPunk!", to the publisher who has also agreed to include my own story, "The Last Mohican", in the book.

My short story, "Drowning In Air", has been published in Strange Tales IV from Tartarus Press.

And I can now announce that my short story, "Softwood", accepted by NewCon Press last November will appear in their "La Femme" anthology to be published at Easter.

I've also written three new short stories, "Flytrap", "The Soft Explosion", and "The Nomenclature of Fear".

January 2014

"Interference" has been published in Chiral Mad 2 and "A Knot Of Toads" has appeared in Black Static #38. I finished the first draft of "People I Know Are Dead" on New Year's Eve.

December 2013

I've sold my short story, "The Opaque District", to the Horror Uncut anthology. I hope to have finished writing my new novel, "People I Know Are Dead", by the end of the year.

November 2013

I've sold my short story, "Softwood", to a forthcoming NewCon Press anthology. And I'm about halfway through writing the new novel.

Update: My story, "Kodokushi", has appeared in the new PostScripts anthology from PS Publishing.

October 2013

New short story written, "A Knot Of Toads". And a few weeks later I sold it to Black Static.

And I'm now able to announce I've signed a two book deal for my crime novels, "The Immortalists" and "Church of Wire", with Telos Moonrise. Details here. More about the books will be added to this site shortly.

September 2013

"Shoot For The Moon" has been accepted for publication in Monomyth magazine. I've begun writing a new noir crime novel, "People I Know Are Dead". I've also written a new short story, "The Opaque District".

August 2013

"Interference" has been accepted for the Chiral Mad 2 anthology.

July 2013

Submissions are now open for an anthology of punk-themed stories I'm editing for DogHorn Publishing, titled "punkPunk!". Guidelines for submissions can be found here.

I'll be appearing at Edge-Lit in Derby on 13th July doing a workshop and moderating a panel with other literary types.

And "Tetsudo Fan" has been published in Eibonvale's "Rustblind and Silverbright" anthology.

Also, I've written another new story: "Interference".

UPDATE: I've sold my short story, "Beyond The Island Of The Dolls", to the Canadian anthology Postscripts to Darkness #5.

June 2013

Four new short stories written this month: "Blood For Your Mother", "Making Friends With Fold-Out Flaps", "Softwood" and "Soapsud Galaxies".

And my short story, "The Cruekus Effect", originally published in Morpheus Tales magazine, has been reprinted in the same publisher's Best Weird Fiction Vol. 3 in print, e-book or kindle format.

I'm also appearing on panels at FuturaSF in Wolverhampton.

May 2013

My short story "The Caged Sea" has been published in Unspoken Water magazine, shortly followed by "Bullet" appearing in the new Black Static magazine.

April 2013

Two new short stories written: "Shoot For The Moon" and "The Frequency of Existence." I've also finished editing my novel, "Body and Soul", and will be looking for a publisher shortly.

March 2013

I've completed the first draft of my novel, "Body and Soul", and "Rain From A Clear Blue Sky" has been published in Black Static.

February 2013

Hopefully on course to finish my novel, "Body and Soul", before the end of this month. Two new short stories written, "Dirty Snow" and "Burning Daylight". And the second issue of Fur-Lined Ghettos that I co-edit has been published.

I've also sold the short story, "The Aniseed Gumball Kid", to Postscripts; and another short, "The Caged Sea", to Unspoken Water.

January 2013

New short story written: "Bullet". And I've already sold it and also "Rain From A Clear Blue Sky" to Black Static.

December 2012

Been busy working on a new novel, "Body and Soul". Also wrote a short story: "Rain From A Clear Blue Sky".

November 2012

Appeared at Horror In The East this month, and my story "The Perfection Of Symmetry" has been published in Chiral Mad. I've also sold "Drowning In Air" for an anthology to be published next year (details nearer the time).

October 2012

Sold "Tetsudo Fan" to the Rustblind and Silverbright anthology forthcoming from Eibonvale Press and I read at a Fiction at Olives event in Norwich this month. Also started writing a new novel, tentatively titled "Body and Soul", and wrote a new short story: "Beyond The Island Of The Dolls".

September 2012

Written two new short stories this month, "The Aniseed Gumball Kid" and "The Last Mohican".

August 2012

Quiet on the writing/acceptance front this month, but I have been assisting Sophie promoting the debut issue of Fur-Lined Ghettos. I've also been working with someone on a possible film-related book.

July 2012

"The Universe At Gun Point" has been published in The First Book of Classical Horror Stories. I've written three new short stories: "The Abduction of Europe", "The Perfection of Symmetry" and "Tetsudo Fan".

Update: "The Perfection of Symmetry" has been accepted for publication in Chiral Mad.

June 2012

My short story, "The Universe At Gun Point", has been accepted for publication in the Classical Horror anthology. And the first issue of Fur-Lined Ghettos, edited with my partner Sophie, is available now.

May 2012

New short story written: "My Naked Man". New child born: Cora Hook. Now blogging here.

April 2012

I've written two new short stories this month: "The Universe At Gun Point" and "Dumb Broad". And I've received my copy of Dark Currents, the NewCon Press anthology, containing my story "Things That Are Here Now, Things That Were There Then."

March 2012

My story, "The Human Map", has been published in the anthology, "Where Are We Going?", from Eibonvale Press. I also read part of "Nitrospective" at Outspoken, a Norwich charitable event funding Food Aid.

February 2012

I've started a new magazine with my partner, Sophie Essex. Check out Fur-Lined Ghettos.

And I've written two new stories: "The Evening Of The Mule" and "The Stench Of Winter".

January 2012

I've finished writing my novel, "The Church of Wire", and will be editing it shortly. Meanwhile, "The Quickening" has been accepted by Shadows & Tall Trees. And as per October's news I can now confirm that "Things That Are Here Now, Things That Were There Then" will be published in the anthology, Dark Currents, from NewCon Press.

Meantime, I've received copies of Black Static #26 and The Monster Book For Girls, containing my stories "Dizzy Land" and "Monster Girl" respectively. I've also written a new short story, "Drowning In Air."

December 2011

Been busily writing my novel, "The Church of Wire", which should be finished during January. Meanwhile, "Wounder" has been published in "13", an anthology from Morpheus Tales, and I've written two new stories: "The Quickening" and "Periscope".

November 2011

"The Al Pacino Appreciation Society" has been accepted for an anthology which is currently under wraps. More news when I can release it.

October 2011

Been busy writing a new novel, "The Church of Wire", and am about a third of the way through. Meanwhile, I've sold a story to an as yet unannounced anthology, and I've written a new story: "The Al Pacino Appreciation Society".

Update: "Space Gun" has now appeared in Needle magazine.

September 2011

My new collection, "Nitrospective", has now been published by DogHorn. Further information including ordering details are here.

And I've written a new short story: "The Caged Sea".

August 2011

Wrote a new short story, "Eskimo" and two days later this was accepted for publication in PostScripts magazine. I've also had "Dizzy Land" accepted for Black Static magazine. Plus my short story, "Ennui", has been published in Art From Art.

The World Fantasy Award nominees, for which I was one of the judges, have also been announced this month.

July 2011

My short story, "The Indecipherable Dust", has been published in a booklet celebrating five years of NewCon Press. Titled "Now We Are 5", this limited edition 100 copy booklet also features material by Ian Watson, Adam Roberts, Eric Brown and Susan Sinclair. Also, "On The Beach" has been published in Unspoken Water.

Also during July I read from my novella "Ponthe Oldenguine" and the short story, "Your Golden Hands" at Cafe Writers in Norwich.

I can also reveal the cover art for my forthcoming selection of stories, "Nitrospective", from DogHorn Publishing. Take a look here.

And finally I wrote a new short story: "Dizzy Land".

June 2011

New short story written: "Things That Are Here Now, Things That Were There Then."

Also, my Future Radio series of six shows titled "Listen Hard, Listen Good" are currently being broadcast on Tuesdays from 3-4pm. And artwork for my new collection, "Nitrospective", should be finalised soon.

May 2011

New short story written: "Wounder".

I've sold the following three stories: "The Human Map" to Where Are We Going? (a forthcoming anthology from Eibonvale Press), "The Indecipherable Dust" which will be published in a fifth anniversary giveaway booklet from NewCon Press, and "Wounder" (the ink is barely dry!) to 13 (an anthology from Morpheus Tales).

Meanwhile, "Your Golden Hands", has been published in PostScripts #24/25.

April 2011

New short story written: "Cold Water Killer". And I've sold "On The Beach" to Unspoken Water.

March 2011

I can now announce I'm one of the Judges for this year's World Fantasy Awards. Lots of reading to do in the coming months! I'm also going to be DJ-ing six shows for local Future Radio. Titled "Listen Hard, Listen Good", the shows will focus on the relationship between literature and lyrics. More on this as they are scheduled.

Update: New short story written, "The Human Map". And "Monster Girl" has been accepted for "The Monster Book For Girls" anthology.

February 2011

First short story sale of the year: "Space Gun" to Needle magazine. And first short story written: "Monster Girl". I also read some of "Ponthe Oldenguine" at The Salon, Norwich.

January 2011

I've received a copy of Terminal Earth containing my short story, "Jump", also my copy of CrimeSpree featuring "Deadtime". In addition, the cover art for "Slow Motion Wars", a short story collection co-written with Allen Ashley, can be viewed here.

December 2010

Big news this month: my short story collection, "Nitrospective", featuring 21 stories (15 reprints, 6 originals), will be published Easter 2011 by Dog Horn Publishing.

My story, "Pansy Blade Cassandra Moko", published online earlier in the year by Zahir, has now appeared in their annual print anthology. And I've written a new short story, "On The Beach".

November 2010

My story, "PhotoTherapy©" has been published in Murky Depths #14, and I have also received my copy of Catastrophia containing my story, "Up". In addition, I've finished the first draft of a new novel: "The Immortalists".

October 2010

My short story, "Cling", can now be read in the paper version of The View From Here. I've also heard that my story, "Deadtime", was published over at CrimeSpree earlier this year. The detective in "Deadtime" is Mordent - the semi-regular character of my foray into crime. In fact, I've just started writing a novel, "The Immortalists", featuring him. More on that as it happens.

Update: new short story written, "Kodokushi".

Further update: within 3 days "Kodokushi" sold to PostScripts anthology. Very pleased indeed!

September 2010

I can now reveal that the publisher for my short novel, Ponthe Oldenguine, is Atomic Fez. The book will be available this month in paperback and various e-book formats. Visit their site or the dedicated page here for more information.

Also, short stories "Beyond Each Blue Horizon" and "The Cruekus Effect" have been published in "Never Again" and Morpheus Tales #10 respectively. And I've just sold a short story, "PhotoTherapy©" to the BFS award-winning Murky Depths magazine.

August 2010

My short story, "Cling", can now be read online at The View From Here. A paper copy of the magazine will be available later in the year. And my story, "Blue Sky World", is now available in the anthology, "Music From Another World", from Mutation Press.

July 2010

My short story, "Jump", has just been accepted for publication in an anthology titled Terminal Earth. And "Love Is The Drug" has been published in Null Immortalis, the final anthology from Nemonymous.

Update: new short story written: "Space Gun".

June 2010

My story, "The Onion Code", has just been published in a new anthology from Gray Friar Press, Where The Heart Is. I've also sold my short story, "Cling", to The View From Here.

Bigger news will follow about my novella, "Ponthe Oldenguine", for which a contract is about to be signed.

Update: new short story written, "Bothersome". And I've just heard that my story, "Beyond Each Blue Horizon", will be reprinted in the Never Again anthology appearing this September.

May 2010

Just had it confirmed that my short story, "Blue Sky World", will appear in the Music From Another World anthology. I've also had a story accepted as a reprint for another anthology I cannot announce yet.

Update: My short story "Love Is The Drug" will appear in the final Nemonymous (Null Immortalis) anthology.

April 2010

My short story "Pansy Blade Cassandra Moko" can now be read online at Zahir. And I've written two new short stories, "The Indecipherable Dust" and "Cling".

March 2010

Finished editing "Ponthe Oldenguine" but had a fairly quiet month other than that. Attended World Horror Con in Brighton and moderated a successful panel on the nature of awards, plus pitched a few projects to various publishers. Meanwhile, "Red Or White" was published in "The Bitten Word" anthology from NewCon Press.

February 2010

First draft of my novella, "Ponthe Oldenguine", has been completed - just need to tease out the edits. And I've written a new short story, "Blue Sky World".

January 2010

First story of the year completed: "Deadtime". Off to a good start.

Update: My story, "Ennui", has just been sold to an anthology titled Art From Art for publication later this year. And I've also sold "Your Golden Hands" to PostScripts.

Further update: "Deadtime" now sold to Crimespree.

December 2009

Just finished the final edit of my novella, "The Greens", and am about to start shopping it to publishers. I'm also about a third of the way writing "Ponthe Oldenguine", another novella.

November 2009

My story, "Bigger Than The Beetles", has been published within PostScripts #19. Details can be found here.

The first draft of my novella, "The Greens", has now been written and is in the process of being edited. A new novella which focusses on the life of the legendary Ponthe Oldenguine will be started shortly.

October 2009

"Nitrospective" has been published in the Chimeraworld anthology "New World Disorder". Details can be found here.

I've just begun writing a new novella, "The Greens". More on this as it comes.

September 2009

"And God Created Zombies" is available to order direct from the Publisher or the usual outlets in both limited edition paperback and hardback. In addition, my stories titled "Nitrospective" and "Up" have been accepted for publication in "Chimeraworld #6", and "Catastrophia" (due Winter 2010 from PS Publishing), respectively.

And my 2004 novel, "Moon Beaver", is now available here as a $5 e-book download.

Update: September is proving to be a busy month. Just returned from an excellent FantasyCon where Elastic Press won the PS Publishing Small Press Award 2009 (our final year of eligibility), only to find that "Pansy Blade Cassandra Moko" has been accepted for publication in Zahir (due April 2010). My hard work seems to be paying off...

Further update: A new story written this month: "Your Golden Hands".

August 2009

My vampire story, "Red Or White", originally scheduled for a book which became dead in the water, has been picked up for a major anthology from NewCon Press to be published at World Horror Con next year, titled "The Bitten Word". A new collaborative story, "Please Saur", written with Allen Ashley has also been recently completed.

July 2009

I'm very pleased to announce that my existential zombie novella, "And God Created Zombies", will be published by NewCon Press later this year. More information to be added to this website shortly (update: cover art has been added). In addition, four new stories have been written: "Nitrospective", "Pansy Blade Cassandra Moko", "Caravan of Souls", and "Snap Shot".

June 2009

Three more stories written: "My Stability", "PhotoTherapy©" and "Ennui". I've also received confirmation that "Bigger Than The Beetles" will appear in Postcripts #19 this August, and that my recent story "The Creukus Effect" has been accepted for a 2010 issue of Morpheus Tales.

May 2009

Quiet month in some respects, however I've just completed another new story, "The Creukus Effect".

April 2009

The Elastic Press final sales push reached its climax at EasterCon in Bradford when almost all the outstanding stock was sold! Thanks to everyone for their support. Post-Elastic writing is also coming on nicely, with two stories recently completed: "Outer Spaces" and "Love Is The Drug".

February 2009

Another busy month. "The Androidgenous Zone", co-written with Allen Ashley, has been published in #4 of Polluto magazine. I've also been working on two new stories "Lauren Is Unreal" and "Up".

January 2009

This month sees my announcement that I'm closing Elastic Press with immediate effect. It was a good run, but now it's time to move onto other things. Thanks to those who have emailed me in support. In the meantime I've been busy writing, and am in the final edit of "And God Created Zombies", a novella.



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